Are you inadvertently leaking confidential information?

How much compromising information are you giving away in your electronic communications?

Probably a lot more than you think!

You are putting yourself at risk when you, or anyone else in your business:

  • Send documents via email
  • Post documents to a website
  • Exchange information electronically
  • Collaborate on documents using Track Changes or Adobe's PDF Notes

Making the headlines due to leakage of information:


Classified National Intelligent Budget Data Revealed.

Australian Ministers sacked over leaked report.

AT&T leaks sensitive information in NSA suit.

Justice Department reveals Social Security numbers.


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3BView Can Help

3BView's Information Leak Prevention Solutions can put you and your company at ease. 3BView provides innovative solutions for the secure exchange of electronic communications and documents.


Whether you are sending documents emailed from your desktop or remotely on webmail or PDA/Blackberry you can be confident your outbound electronic communications are leak proof.


3BClean - Server Based Metadata Cleaning

More About Information Leak Prevention

Protect your business. Protect your documents. Protect yourself with 3BView.



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