3BOpenDoc: Making StarOffice and OpenOffice.org a viable option

The Future: OpenDocument Format and Vendor Independence

OpenDocument Format (ODF) is an XML based standard designed by a vendor independent standards committee to be the default format for any office application. As it is an open standard with no restrictions of use it removes ties to any one office application vendor.

The Problem: OpenDocument Format and Interoperability

OpenDocument Format has an enormous advantage in that an organisation is not tied to a specific software provider. However, use of StarOffice or OpenOffice.org (both based on OpenDocument Format) within a company presents the challenge of inter-operating and collaborating with users of proprietary office applications such as Microsoft Office. Firstly being able to access documents received from such users, and being able to deliver documents in a format accessible to such users.

The Solution: Conversion to / from ODF - on the fly - with 3BOpenDoc

3BOpenDoc ensures that interoperability is not a barrier to organizations when looking at adopting ODF. 3BOpenDoc is a server based product from 3BView that automates the conversion to and from ODF be it when a file is emailed, or on import or export to / from a content or document management system.

3BOpenDoc fits seamlessly into your StarOffice or OpenOffice.org environment offering the ultimate flexibility of choosing the storage or exchange formats you wish to use for your documents.

3BOpenDoc benefits include:

Seamless conversion to and from OpenDocument Format

  • On the fly conversion of documents to and from OpenDocument Format, the format underlying StarOffice and OpenOffice.org.

Seamless integration with any SMTP email server/CMS

  • Interoperability and collaboration between StarOffice.org or OpenOffice.org and Microsoft® Office® users.

Rapid server-based document format transformation

  • Low maintenance solution for the ultimate environment flexibility
  • Most advanced rendering available for enterprises utilising StarOffice or OpenOffice.org

PDF security and watermarking option

  • Compliance and control in your document environment

Metadata removed from documents

  • Prevents inadvertent leakage of sensitive information

Migrating legacy documents to OpenDocument Format

3BOpenDoc Offers Server based Legacy Document Conversion

As organisations move to OpenOffice.org and/or OpenDocument Format, they are encountering the issue of converting their legacy documents. OpenOffice.org supports single document conversion but this is a costly approach as it can involve completing a set of dialogue boxes for each document. 3BOpenDoc provides a scalable, reliable, server-based transformation engine based around OpenOffice.org for conversion of batches of documents to OpenDocument Format (ODF).

Want to know more about ODF and how 3BOpendoc Helps?

OpenDocument Format - Documents for now and the future

In this white paper 3BView looks at ODF and its advantages, its use as a format for archiving, who is using it already and the applications already available that support it. It also looks at the issues of interoperability with users of office applications that do not support ODF.

To download this white paper, please click here


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Learn More: OpenDocument Format - Documents for now and the future

To download this white paper, please click here

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